E-Plume is a comprehensive, simple and fast solution for improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

This turnkey offer works in 3 steps:


  • Study of the energy problem and the consumption objectives of the buildings monitored;

  • On-site installation of sensors and interfacing with other sources of technical data such

as maintenance and technical monitoring systems; 

  • Construction of the virtual navigation interface and data recovery.


During the operational phase, users access the platform from any connected device (smartphone, tablet or PC), navigate in their virtual environment and view all consumption information, alerts and technical and documentary information. Personalized support makes it possible to monitor energy reduction objectives throughout the project.


"With e-Plume, the community not only has simple and intuitive access to consumption data and information, but also benefits from the expertise of an"Energy Mister". "

Nicolas Babel, President of eWattch

The combination of 3 lorraine


"The e-Plume platform will offer a unique navigation interface in the city and buildings to view instantaneous consumption, consumption histories, technical and maintenance documentation and, ultimately, compare with other communities using e-Plume. "

Bernard DUBOIS, Associate Director SBS Interactive.

Created in 2012 in Saint Dié, the company of 9 people designs IoT products (connected sensors), a platform dedicated to energy management and consulting services for communities and businesses.

Created in 2008 in Nancy, the
8-person company is the software publisher VIS-On®, an immersive browsing, 

documented and secure interface software for the digital reproduction of complex environments. A tool used for training, manufacturing, maintenance and Security.

Created in 2015 in Nancy, the
company of 6 people is
specializing in the mobilization and use of technical and industrial data, to facilitate decision-making and operations via a collaborative and intuitive platform, the What is What.


51 rue Stanislas 54000 Nancy | | + 33 (0)3 83 41 49 41

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