With augmented reality (AR) technology, the real world and the virtual world are intertwined.

2D or 3D data is superimposed on the physical environment in real time, through an interface (AR glasses or headsets, tablet, smartphone), and can be interactive. 

SBS Interactive develops any type of custom application in augmented reality:

  • documentation of objects on which are positioned tags;

  • data from the user's geolocation;

  • mixed use of these techniques to guide a visitor or operator.

The increases or tags can correspond to displays of documentation, text or videos, 3D display, visualization of 3D models and data from a remote information system (MES, CMMS), or from IoT data.

AR for communities

and tourist routes

When new technologies bring heritage back to life: SBS Interactive has developed a tailor-made application for the Municipality of Pompey, allowing the disappeared blast furnaces to be brought back to life and enhancing the visit route with archive photos, explanatory videos, testimonies of the time ...

A rich and fun experience to understand metamorphosis of a territory!

AR as operator aid

for industry and professionals

Visits of complex environments or construction sites can be prepared and simulated by VIS-On, and enriched with augmented reality to obtain in situ information on connected glasses, AR headset, smartphone or tablet. The RA then displays instructions for users, operating modes, shows buried pipes, etc.

Valuable help for control rounds, safety visits, operator training, guidance of people...

AR for sales and marketing support

This technology can be used both in online stores and physical points of sale. It constitutes a sales support and help the Internet user or the customer in their purchasing process. AR makes it possible to interact directly with the product without even touching it, and so positively influence the customer experience.


A real added value in an ultra-competitive sector!

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