easy and intuitive

No need for special computer knowledge!

The visitor immediately begins his visit in the technical room on which he wishes to work.


Permanently geolocated on a map, it can find premises or equipment quickly using the "Search" function.


 in full autonomy 

Enrich the visit yourself with any type of multimedia content: photos, videos, PDF, internet links, maps, data from IoT database ...



Users can find technical documentation, operational tutorials or maintenance ranges from their pc, tablet or smartphone.

connected to CMMS

The operator can, at any place and at any time, consult the status of connected equipment, alerts, service order history, etc.

VIS-On interacts with internal CMMS or EDM software, to launch a technical Service Request directly next to the machine, exchange information, collect intervention reports, etc.

interactive and formative

VIS-On is an ideal immersive educational support for training workers in complete safety and guiding them during operations.

Complete a guided quiz tour to assess the acquisition of knowledge: real support for Practices for Fiabilisation of 

Interventions (PFI), during the pre-job briefing, or for safety training.


Vis-On controls and tracks access and confidentiality of visits. Each visitor can only view the environments and themes to which he is authorized.


A requirement specially studied for Defense and Nuclear.



The VIS-On software builds the digital twin in a 360° virtual tour of an industrial building, to assist maintenance, training and safety. It allows you to digitize, document and share your factories, ships, tanks, planes or any space or complex product.

The digital twin was developed for Industry 4.0 in the 2000s. It is a digital and virtual copy of the physical world used for simulation, monitoring, design, or apprehending a space without even move. At the convergence of physical and digital technologies, VIS-On is a virtual reality navigation tool: it becomes possible to project oneself inside the digital twin of the factory and to inspect the building, the production lines, machines, while having very intuitive access to technical documentation and operating procedures.

Visit the factory in 360°, take 3D measurements in the digital twin with a single click ...

Discover some features of the VIS-On tool.

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